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Use These Ideas to Create a One-of-a-Kind Balustrade

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Want to put in a balustrade that's truly unique? Whether you're decorating your home or your office, there are all kinds of options. For something novel, check out these ideas.

1. Skip the traditional balusters

When you hear the word balustrade, a traditional wood banister with wooden balusters may be the first thing that pops to mind. In other cases, you may think of a wrought iron railing with some metal balusters.

To create a more unique look, consider going away from both of those traditional concepts. Instead, go for scroll work, geometric designs or any pattern you like. There's a vast amount of visual beauty that you can put between the railing and the floor.

2. Mix and Match Wood and Metal

When choosing the material for your balustrades, you don't have to go with either wood or metal. Instead, consider integrating both of those materials. To really get wild, consider mixing a traditional balustrade and a wall.

A short adobe wall or even just a wall covered in painted gypsum board can work. Basically, you want the appearance of a wall that eventually turns into a balustrade or a partial balustrade that starts along the wall and then morphs into a full balustrade.

3. Put in Some Stained Glass

Stained glass is a great idea if you want to put in a truly unique balustrade. The pieces of stained glass can be large, stretching between the railing and the floor, or they can be small accent pieces. For instance, if you have a scrollwork design, you can ask the builder to integrate small pieces of round stained glass into your design. Although they are small, these accents will become a conversation piece.

4. Create a Continuous Design Between the Staircase and a Balcony

For a cohesive look, consider choosing the same design for the staircase and the balcony. When the materials match, that sweeps the eyes from the ground floor to the upper balcony, and that makes your space feel large and luxurious.

5. Integrate Skis or Other Unique Items

Old skis can be integrated into a balustrade. Snow skis make sense if you want to celebrate a favourite holiday, and water skis may be ideal if your home is by the sea or a lake. Alternatively, you can integrate natural sticks from your favorite forest or any other family heirlooms or collectibles. With the right design, the items you integrate don't even have to be long and slender. They can be all kinds of shapes.