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Built-In Wardrobes | 4 Steps To Polish The Wooden Interiors Of Your Built-In Wardrobes

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Built-in wardrobes are excellent space saving solutions when it comes to removing clutter from the floors of your bedrooms because they conceal all your excessive junk easily. But over time, the interior finish of your built-in wardrobes may start to look dull and lifeless. Here are some smart steps to help you polish the wooden interiors of your built-in wardrobes for a rejuvenated appearance.

Gather Your Materials

For this wardrobe interior makeover task, you will need timber polish, medium-grade sandpaper, soap, water, lint-free cloths, a paintbrush, a vacuum cleaner and a pair of rubber gloves. Timber polish is easily available at most home improvement stores, so you can choose a specific finish you desire. Make sure your bedroom is properly ventilated to prevent the polish fumes from lingering in the area for too long.

Clean And Sand The Surface

Your first task is to empty out all the contents of your built-in wardrobes. Leave nothing behind and start cleaning the wood to remove all residual dust and debris, which can hamper your polishing effort. Put on your rubber gloves and use some soap water and a lint-free cloth to clean out the inside of your wardrobe. Once you finish cleaning the surface, use medium-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the wooden surface. This action will strip off any previous polish from the surface and will smoothen out the wood, allowing the new timber polish to adhere better to the wooden surface. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the sanding dust and wipe down the wardrobe interior thoroughly with a damp lint-free cloth. This will prepare the surface suitably for the timber polish application.

Apply Timber Polish

Coat the wooden interiors sparingly with timber polish using a paintbrush. You can also apply the polish with a soft cloth for a smear-free appearance. Keep in mind that over-polishing may end up leaving pools of polish liquid, which will leave bubbles when drying out. Your polish brushstrokes should follow the direction of the natural wood grain to bring out its aesthetic beauty. Once you finish applying polish over the surface, wait overnight for it to dry and apply the next polish coat.

Wait For Polish To Dry

Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the drying process for polish before restoring your wardrobe items. Make sure the room is well ventilated to speed up the process of drying. In some cases it may take a few hours, while others may take a few days depending on the weather conditions outside.

While this polishing task for your built-in wardrobes can be handled on your own, you may want to call professional contractors to give you a blemish-free polished finish.